What ability level should our kids be?

A: To get the most beneficial progress from specialising in a discipline, skiers or boarders should be intermediate plus and through to expert. That is being comfortable skiing consistently parallel on all blue runs ‘level 5’ and above (out of 8), or edge to edge on snowboard, and happy to venture onto black runs. For the ‘all terrain development’ program, a minimum of ‘level 4’ is required, to progress early intermediate skills and use time more efficiently on snow.

What ages can enrol?

A: We cater for a range of ages from 8-17. Kids will be grouped primarily according to age, but also with consideration to their stage of development and experience in coaching environments.

Will the program managers be on hand?

A: Most certainly! They meet your kids every morning along with the coaches as well as after lunch and at the end of the day. They will be often on-course helping set up as well as taking video. And of course they organise the ‘Meet&Greet’ on Sundays, the end of week get together and celebration, as well as apres functions!

What is the most beneficial length of time to enrol?

A: Two weeks plus! We find that one week will review skills and introduce new elements, the second week certainly enables the athletes to consolidate at a more accelerated rate.

Do they need any race experience?

A: No. Although we cater for racers, the developing athletes will be in groups of similar ability levels who would like to learn skills and build confidence through the gates or SX/SBX courses.

Will we have the same coach across our stay?

A: Yes, as athletes are enrolled in training specific to their needs, a coach will be matched who can deliver the skills to aid improvement. We consider age, ability and learning styles to get the best fit, even if it means for smaller groups!

Do you do ski-offs?

A: The first thing anyone wants to do is this! So we get you to complete a profile before the program and have a chat with you to get a pretty accurate picture of where you sit across the range of enrolments. Sometimes we need to regroup, but this is done in a positive environment.

Can we split a week between two disciplines?

A: In respect to developing and refining skills, athletes will progress skills and consolidate over extended periods of time. Hence, our policy is to focus on one discipline per week at a minimum.

When is the best time to book with ASC?

A: We take bookings all year round, but recommend you secure your accommodation first. Bookings are confirmed with ASC when a deposit is made for each enrolment

Are spaces with ASC limited?

A: In short, no. But within a month of each session, we may need to place applications on a ‘wait list’ pending coaching availability. For forward planning and getting the right mix of coaching staff, we need at least a month lead time (as coaches need to plan their season too!).

How do we get feedback re our kids?

A: The coaches are available at the end of each day for a de-brief with parents. There will also be opportunities to watch training video of the kids and get feedback as well. Kids on the fully-escorted camp will receive all this in a written report.

Do we need special race skis for race training?

A: It is desirable but not compulsory. Certainly on a technical side it will improve performance and aid progression. If athletes are only travelling with one pair of skis then an ‘all-mountain’ or performance shaped ski is OK, but not a ‘twin-tip’! Performance skis and some race skis are available at rental outlets as well.

What type of skis are best for moguls?

A: Most developing mogul athletes would come with a ‘twin-tip’ (but make sure it has little or no ‘rocker’). For better or advanced moguls performance there are specialised skis, including ID-One, K2 Mamba, Hart. Again, if you are specialising, then the right equipment makes a lot of difference.

Can we get a great deal on HEAD skis with ASC?!

A: Absolutely! ASC has access to the entire HEAD range at amazing prices exclusively for ASC families, so get in touch and have a chat.

Is the snow in April good for training?

A: Most certainly, otherwise we wouldn’t hold a camp then! Actually, there is often more snow than January. It is not like spring snow in Aus though, it still holds up well and keeps on snowing right through, plus there is on average still 2.5m of base!

How are apres social gatherings set up?

A: We will have a few options of course (!), but winding down with other guests and kids is a great way to develop friendships and camaraderie, so we love organising these and getting to know you too!

What can we expect from GS/Race (ALP&SBD) training?

A: Sun Peaks has an internationally renowned course. In fact it is 4-lanes wide and very long, meaning we can do top to bottom runs or half-length plus drills etc on the rest of it, or a mixture. Plus a chairlift servicing the course, it is great for turn-around, while being able to ski into the village. ASC can cater for all levels at Sun Peaks.

What is the set up for Moguls (Freestyle-Competition) training?

A: Sun Peaks has developed and built a brand-new competition moguls site for 2017/2018 and is holding provincial and western BC events. It will be a fully maintained set up, will also training slope and jumps access. We are so excited to be a part of this development. Plus there are also great ‘recreational’ moguls runs across the resort for all abilities.

Where is the SkiCross and SnowboardCross training?

A: Sun Peaks make a great long winding course on ‘Suncatcher’ run, which can hold up to four racers across with a combination of rollers, berms, bumps, and jumps. We can get in some quick laps and maximise our time.

What is the ‘All-Terrain Development’ training?

A: We will use a range of terrain to compliment both skiers and boarders wishing to improve their technical prowess across the whole mountain, plus access to race courses.

Do we need a racesuit?

A: No, not for training. There will be some opportunities to race however, so the decision to bring one is optional all the same. We’ll let you know the dates and details of comps though well before your stay.

What happens if there is too much powder for moguls or race training?!

A: This is a good problem! We can’t control the fortunes of Mother Nature. Usually 8-10cm plus means no race training, but we will let you know by email/text first thing if it is a line-ball day. Athletes will enjoy the spoils of powder stashes or be taught the finer details of tackling powder. At times, they may need to ski-in the moguls next day to shape them up again.

Do you recommend training on weekends?

A: Not if you are enrolled across two weeks or more, as bodies need to recover and kids need to relax and just be kids. Plus it is a great time to explore the runs and do things together as a family. If you are only with ASC for a short stay, then an extra two days will be OK.